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Gathering the troops

This is for those who know (and love, let us face it) our dear Lady of Manners, cupcake_goth.

If you do not know who this lovely lady is, feel free to skip

For fans of Danny Elfman and Tim Burton, you have no doubt heard of the Limited Edition Music Box which is the first release of the 25th Anniversary album/compilation of their work. It's lovely, it's a collector's item....

It's $500 and a limited run of 1000.

I don't think she has $500. I know I don't have that much to spare or I would just get her one myself.

However, I think there are enough people willing to DONATE a few dollars towards one purchase so that our beloved Lady of Manners knows just how much her fans appreciate her.

So, who is with me?

Edit: I think for all concerned, that any donations should go to Ms. Venters directly. I do not want to be responsible for donations going awry. Thus said, best to state here what you plan to send, but send all donations directly to:

Gothic Charm School
P.O. Box 70331
Seattle, WA

I pledge $50 towards this purchase.
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