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Semy of Pearls

Ramblings from a Raven

My name is Margrethe Ravn. This is my journal. Entries are generally friends-locked.

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"I find it difficult to find anything favorable to say about Meg, but she is my sister, and a certain level of animosity is to be expected. As my conflict with her is fraternal, you may thus expect to find my appraisal of her unreasonably biased, and so be reassured as to the many excellent qualites of Meg. Furthermore, despite years of antagonism, we have not managed to kill each other; this speaks not only to Meg's patience with my foibles, but to those many redeeming features of her's that have stayed my too hasty hand. She is an extraordinary craftsman, a fine actress, is possessed of a lovely singing voice, and is, on the whole, barely tolerable. A final note in her favor: after being compelled to write many favorable reviews and testimonials for various accquaintences, some of which I was forced to new heights of ingenuity in order to insert veiled insults and disparaging comments, it is refreshing to be able to be openly hostile, and indeed, to be so to someone who in no way deserves my disdain. Meg, my sister, I salute you" - Tristan

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